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Name:Kazuo Kiriyama
Birthdate:Oct 20
[series]: Battle Royale
[player eljay]:[info]neko142001
[4th walling?]: Go ahead. He won't care.

Boy #6

Name: Kazuo Kiriyama
Age: 15
Occupation: Former Student
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Other Distinguishing Features: Pretty face, slicked back hair, cold eyes, emotionless features

Kazuo was born unable to feel emotions. To him mastering the violin is the same as killing off a fellow student. Just something to do. He's beautiful in face but solid ice in heart. He doesn't make friends because he doesn't understand the need for them.

Though only fifteen, he was the deadliest student in the game he was forced to be in. Vastly intelligent, he is not to be underestimated under any circumstance.

With sociopathic tendencies, he is more likely to only make 'friends' when others decide they're his friends first. But that doesn't mean he won't hurt said friends if that is the way to achieve whatever he's decided to do in a given moment.

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Projected winner barring unforseen circumstance. A natural!
-- Manga character profile

Note: Kazuo comes in post death.

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